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Manhattan Bonsai would like to let you know of some upcoming Bonsai News and Events from around the world for  2023

March 31st  - April 2 2023    Mid Atlantic Bonsai Society Annual Spring Festival - 2023

 It will take place at the Parsippany Hilton/Hampton Inn, One Hilton Court, Parsippany, NJ. Headliners for this All-American show will be: WILL BADDELEY, TODD SCHLAFER, and  HUGO ZAMORA LUNA

The annual MABS Spring Festival commences on Friday evening, March 31st and continues through Sunday afternoon, April 2 Renowned professional bonsai artists present lecture/ demonstrations, workshops, and critiques of bonsai. Registrants have weekend-long opportunities to observe and spend time with the artists at breakout sessions between demonstrations, and to view the MABS member clubs’ Bonsai Exhibit. In addition, a wide range of bonsai vendors are on site offering a large selection of bonsai, bonsai-related plants, containers, tools, books and other supplies. Each featured guest artist presents two lecture/demonstrations. Each bonsai creation is raffled following the completion of styling by its respective artist. There are also silent auctions and a very active live auction of donated bonsai materials at the Saturday night banquet.

For more information http://www.midatlanticbonsai.org/

June 8th - June 11th  2023 The Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society (RMBS) in coordination with the American Bonsai Society (ABS) and Denver Botanic Gardens
We have assembled an A-List of featured guest artists including Kathy Shaner, Todd Schlafer, and Jennifer Price. Our featured artists will remain busy through numerous workshops on yamadori including Ponderosa Pine, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Colorado Spruce, Black Sage, Pinyon Pine, Lodgepole Pine, Black Hill Spruce, exhibit review, and live demonstrations.

RMBS has also selected various Club members to lead workshops on Portulacaria Afra, New Mexico Privat, Potentilla, Stone slab construction, and Scroll creation/painting. Included are learning seminars on Women in Bonsai, Bonsai photography and drawing, Viewing stones, Bonsai Stands, Show preparation, Japanese scrolls, Tropical bonsai, and Shohin display.

Your convention experience also includes a Viewing Stone display and a past RMBS Artist of The Year tree display, raffles throughout the convention, a live demonstration by all three featured artists, exhibit review by all three featured artists, emerging talent competition, awards presentation, silent and live auction.

Click here for more information https://www.rmbonsai.org/absdenver2023

August 18-20, 2023 45th Annual Mid-America Bonsai Exhibition
Our August Exhibition has the longest history, going into its 45th presentation in 2023. It is one of the largest regional shows in the nation. Centered on the , featuring over 50 world-class trees, it’s a showplace of trees from across the Midwest and beyond. Enthusiasts from across the country bring their trees to be judged in the main hall at the Garden's Regenstein Center.

A gallery of the 2018 41st Annual Mid-America Exhibition is available here. We have a review of the August 2017 Exhibition available here. We also have a review of the 2015 Exhibit available with that year's winners.

There is no cost to attend the Exhibition once inside of the Garden, but regular parking rates and per-person admission ticket prices apply for entry into the Chicago Botanic Garden. Please see the Garden’s dedicated webpage for pricing details.

Sept 9-10 2023       US National Exhibition
Join people from around the world for the U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition where over 200 of the finest Bonsai in the country will be on display. Weekend Pass, Daily Admission, Banquet, Exhibitor and Vendor tickets available. http://www.usnationalbonsai.com/

Where: East Rochester, New York
Cost: Please go to website for details

December 2-3 2023 Winter Silhoutte Bonsai Show

Click here for detail

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